Interested in polycarbonate case


Currently I am interested in polycarbonate cases and I am a little lost for looking them. I have seen Swift65 with a PC option, but are there any other PC cases out there in-stock or in group-buy as of right now?

Also, please leave some PC boards that I can keep an eye on. I’ll prefer a board that is between 60% to 75%, but that is about it! Price range is basically anything as of right now.


Edit: I can also do anything that is acrylic too!

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IKKI68 Aurora is polycarbonate case, I think you just missed the GB.

KBD8X MKII has a polycarbonate option, but that’s beyond your 75% size.



Here’s a few in addition to those:


I’ve been wondering how a case made out a single solid block of polycarbonate or acrylic would sound. By that I mean, a case with integrated plate that goes all the way to bottom of the case. No gasket nor padding. It’d need to be hand-wired to a small PCB hidden in a recessed area. When you type of it, force of each stroke hits the deskpad directly.