Interesting Finds & Heads-Ups

I really hope you guys get your caps. With the mass exodus of employees & them locking down their whole internet presence, I was beginning to think anything (D)Rama had yet to ship out was a lost cause.

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yeah, I’d pretty much written off my Rama purchases as a loss (and the way he’s balked at refunds, had figured that avenue was closed off as well)


Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t expect anything close to two years with this type of battery. Just extrapolating for context and a different way to compare the CK/ZMK claim vs. the Keychron/QMK side.

Not really the same thing at all, but my ancient, wireless Logitech M705 mouse will get about 18 months on two AA alkaline batteries which I find to be mind-blowing considering it gets 8+ hours of use per day.

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Seen the GH threadover the weekend, definitely a interesting design. Probably will pick up a couple sets when they release to try them out.

If I’m understanding right Chaosera’s new stabilizers have a similar design to Durocks new V3 stabs they are coming out with. Obviously we won’t know how they perform until they come out but I would imagine that it will probably be similar to each other.


I wonder if they are the same stabilizer model. I saw that the Durock screw in v3 is out since April, I think they are made out of PC because of them being translucent

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This will again be the same story as with the “Pangu” stabilizers.
This design was made by a Chinese studio…


They released them. Then the Durock made his own box with these stabilizers.
Then Chosfox made their own box)

And now the same thing is happening again.

I already bought them. They are already on their way and in 7-9 days they will be in my hands. I took two colors. They sold out very quickly. I wanted to take the transparent blue one, but didn’t have time to buy it.


Actually transparent/translucent plastic doesn’t strictly mean it’s PC anymore. The clear SW Knight stabs are nylon housings (how much nylon is in the blend is undisclosed though), same with JWK’s newest clear switch IIRC.


I potentially like that bottom ledge for the wire internally.

The backward clip looks like Owlstabs. Hopefully the stems are not as large.

If anyone wants to try it, I’ve taken to installing both sides into the PCB and then lubing/dipping the wire and pushing both sides in at once, in situ. Has been a lot less fiddly and injurious to the fingies for me. The risk is missing the opening and jamming the wire beneath the stem entirely, but it’s not too difficult.


Looks like the next colorway of MTNU is “R&D 1973” by @norbauer! Available on both NovelKeys and Norbauer’s own site.


Yep. I picked up a set and a new black space dock as well.


To follow up on myself, last night a friend told me about the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. This microcontroller, first introduced in 1992, was designed off the bat for low power consumption, embedded applications and low cost.

In idle, it consumes less than 1 µA, which is really impressive. See below video for an equally impressive demo of the chip running for weeks on end on “the fumes” of a pair of 10 farad, 2.7 V supercapacitors.

The MSP430 is still readily available to this date, but appears to be less known among hobbyist makers, perhaps due to the fact that modules are hard to find.

Nonetheless, this particular module, which combines the microcontroller with a nRF24L01 Nordic 2.4Ghz low power transceiver, may appeal to the wireless keyboard designer.


Looks like new Gateron low profile switches compatible with regular profile MX. NuPhy’s soon to be announced/released NOS75 will be using them:

(NOS75 pictured above having half regular profile and half low profile)


On the topic of switches and pin-outs, I found this site pretty useful:

So many standards!


Very cool, nice design thinking details


People: “I’d never spend several hundred $ on a keyboard”
Also people: