Interesting Finds & Heads-Ups

If you’ve come across something cool/new, but it doesn’t warrant its own thread, share it here!!


I’ll start this off: NK87EE (and NK65EE) are in stock now :call_me_hand:t3:: Keyboards – NovelKeys LLC


My addition: the Polaris v2 is coming!


Well check that out! It still has plate mount stabs, but is that a color-matched polycarb plate I spy? And brass thread inserts? High-five, NovelKeys. Some fun colors this round, too - that blue one glows in the dark!


Wow, glow in the dark! TBF, I’ve never had issues with plate-mounted stabs.

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Not that there was any doubt, but Mike’s still got a hot item in the NK65EE - already sold out again! Another high-five, NovelKeys

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This is basically what I was hoping from a KBD8X Lite.

Transparent cases, polycarb plate, polycarb case, sound dampening pads, carrying-case. Coiled cable.

Wonder how it compares to an MK870 with polycarb plate. You can get PCB-mount stabs into an MK870, but the NK87 also says it has screw-in.

Is this a tray-mount? I think the Aurora may have a superior mounting system, but it’s not quite a TKL.

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They call it “modified top mount” but I call it tray + top mount.

The assembly first attaches to the top case around the edges, but then screws into the bottom like a normal tray - at least that’s how the NK65 worked - I haven’t looked into the 87 much.

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How about this monster of a steel case if you can handwire/design a PCB? Looks like an ISO layout plus super cute mouse button


Pretty cool. I can see how this would help save the day in some use cases.


Shure, but I prefer to put all the switches in the plate then on with the pcb. :upside_down_face:


I can think of at least one past build that would have made much, much easier…

My learning experience that POM plates require patience, planning, or both. In retrospect, I probably would have had a better time putting the switches all in the plate first.


Haha, I had just seen that on alexotos’s stream and thought, I kinda want that

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Not sure if this has already been mentioned somewhere already, but I see Zeal’s plate mount stabs are for sale:

I remember waiting on these to come out - but I don’t remember ever hearing they did. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got another one - I’ve been hoping for a dark colored MDA set for some time, and now there’s one in GB that covers more than a 60% (like their existing dark grey MDA set):

Edit; for my fellow yanks:


They’ve been out for a minute

I’m familiar with these:

But the one with more coverage is new to me, at least. :slight_smile:

Edit: oh right the stabs that makes sense :upside_down_face:

I actually have these in a build. Bought them during a previous sale.

I think I may have bought two sets, because they went cheap, either $35 CAD or closer to $30.

Lubed, I put them in an Archon AK89. I am still working on that board, so haven’t used them much. But they are much quieter and more solid than the stock stabilizers.

I think I put leftovers in my RAKK, but the improvement over stock is more mild. Harder to tell the differences, although they are there. I may have screwed them up a bit as I installed them in the RAKK after a long absence in installing stabilizers, so I kept trying to put the 2x in backwards!

But the ones I put in the AK89 are great, can’t wait to use that board. It’s going to be a silent 100%, and the lubed stabilizers were an important component. The ones on the RAKK are trying to stabilize MT3, which may be more tricky.

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I spotted this on @dovenyi’s site.

Look at this thing. That’s 182 keys of intimidation right there. I don’t really know where to put my hands in all honestly. Can you imagine L/F this behemoth?


And blank keycaps at that! Absolutely nutty.

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