Interesting Finds & Heads-Ups

That’s definitely been my experience. I love my MT3, but darn those space bars are prone to encouraging tick.

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Imagine buying one of these, lubing up some Cherry MX browns and send them to You-know-who


Glarses and MX browns at this point is almost like Xzibit and “Yo, dawg! We heard you like [keyboards], so we put a [keyboard] in your [keyboard]!”

Maybe this year he can do some kind of MX brown related deskmat… they’re never going away - best to make peace with them.


If anybody has an idea for a keyboard related website or app, I’d be super eager to hear about it.

If it’s doable, we can whack up the proceeds.


Something like pricerunner would be neet. But probably hard to manage.

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So a site that crawls, let’s say our vendor list database, then collects and centralizes the prices, sellers, and product details for merch that then can be searched, sorted, and filtered by whatever keyword or tag you specify?

Would it matter if it was just a huge grid without images?

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Oh yeah, I’m a huge fan of this site.

I guess if anyone wants to try out the tented alice (like the Type K), this exists but I have mixed thoughts about the price. What do you guys think?


Bakeneko65’s will be on sale on Saturday (1/8) at CannonKeys. Blogpost linked below.


Not available (anymore?), but coool


Heads up: AliExpress winter sale is going on. No amazing steals, but it’s a good time to save a couple bucks especially on already budget switches.

I picked up the range of Ajazz huano switches plus some XL switch blind boxes because they seem fun.

I’m likely also going to pick up some Akko CS Jelly switches.


Do the switches come in the little jar shown in the marketing? Pretty cool if so!

Yep, sealed for freshness lol

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I know I know knobs… But I find this macro pad appealing, neat ideas with the layers and color wheel acting as a visual indicator of layer and/or some other status.


I’ll add that the Akko Lavenders force graph is almost the same, but cheaper and sounds different (“clacky”), also very minimal leaf ping compared to the Ocean Blues, if you’re looking for even cheaper alternative, a fantastic switch, my favorite.

I went with the Akko CS Starfish since it was the most unique and #lineargang. I was also very happy to find Akko ASA Wave for $45 since I was planning on buying it for a build anyway (Protozoa Glitch + KK Lightwave v2 + Akko Wave = green + green^2 + green^3)

Oh buddy. Going on sale next Tuesday.


Thanks for ruining my New Years resolution for no new keycaps. I know I would have broken it eventually, just not this soon…


I feel ya. I did really well so far. I haven’t bought any keycaps or boards in over a month. Today I jumped and spent a ton on GMK Sloth extras. and NOW… now THIS pops up. Crap.