Interesting Stabilizer Mod/Product

I get the concept, but while the stab and wire might stay put, I’m not sure these will.


It’s this like an adapter from pcb mount to plate mount ?

No I think it is attempting to do two things:

  • keep the wire from pulling out of the stab.
  • make clip in stabs more secure.

I think that the weakest link here is that they are adhered to the stabs. I suspect that they won’t stay stuck long-term.


I agree. It should’ve been a stab mount that slips under the stabs. It could serve as stab padding as well.

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Great. Another thing to lube :frowning:

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what the heck do those side things attach to? I get the pins on the bottom. This is just the toothpick mod churched up a bit.


The side thing is glued to the side to prevent the wire from popping out.

Need better pictures. It’s hard to see what’s going on with how transparent and dark everything is.

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Welcome to kbdfans marketing 101.
They are selling Bella with only renders available /end_rant


That’s a decent idea I suppose. But yeah, more points of contact, more sources of friction and rattle. But it might be a good trade off.

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So it’s just another pair of hooks to keep the wire in. Interesting. I mean if you’re installing your stabilizers correctly and taking out your keycaps carefully this shouldn’t be an issue, but I guess it’s a reassurance for people.

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Even when stabs are properly seated, wire can pop out when too much force is applied, like when overly tightly seated keycap is pulled.

After wire on the Return key on one of my boards kept popping out, I built a tiny wall of epoxy clay. Worked like a charm. Don’t see much of that now that my keysets are pretty well worn.

Since MT3 keycaps have a pretty tight fit on switch stems and stabilizer stems, that when removing them they pull so hard that the wire pops out. It’s a huge pain to fix…

@donpark it was always the Return key stabilizer for me as well…


Weird. But hey, imo, any kind of innovation in this hobby is a good thing.


I get the ideal but agree with you, this would more serve as reassurance than anything. Even with tight fitting caps, as long as you remove them slowly & carefully you shouldn’t have many issues with wire pop. Taken the stabs are properly installed.

Wow. Looks like Durock V2’s just flip the clip around to keep the wire from pulling out. Simple. That’s freaking clever.