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Hi Keebtalkers … here’s my intro.

I’ve been a hunt-and-peck typist for many many years, and a user of many devices, from Commodore PET 2001 (which I only just realised how was actually an ortho keyboard, back from 1977) and various Unix terminals or “VDUs” with dreadful keyboards, up through Sun workstations and onwards …

I bought a Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite (KB-9975) in late 1999, this has the Sun layout for Control instead of Caps Lock. I got it via Linux Emporium in the UK, and it cost GBP65.

And that was that for several years. I just used whatever massive keyboard came with my various PCs or laptops, but never went the route of the curved kbds, or made use of “multimedia buttons”.

And then it happened - I joined a company who used Apple hardware. I was given a MacBook Pro … what an awful typing experience! I asked for an external keyboard, and they sent me an “Apple Magic Keyboard” … which was worse! Flat, featureless, I couldn’t tell what keys I was hitting (and remember I look at the kbd while I type as well!) … so a few long months later after I’d done some research I ordered a Whitefox (w/ Hako Clears) via Kono (USD150) - not least because it matched the white aesthetic of the Macbook :slight_smile:

It was transformative! My typing accuracy recovered, it was a pleasure to use and great fun remapping the keys to match the habits I wanted. Yes, there’s a Control key where the CapsLock went …

The next year I went for a Planck via Drop (USD140 but I had to get some more Hako Clear switches for it). I’ve had mixed results with this one, I still haven’t really got a smooth typing rate on it even after a few months usage … but I did realise that having the kbd flat rather than angled, and having my desk as low down as possible compared to my seat made things very comfortable indeed. A great experience remapping keys again although QMK isn’t as easy to use as Kiibohd.

For fun I grabbed a DuckyPad off Kickstarter (GBP70 by the time I got there), it’s a 15 key macropad equipped with Gateron Greens, and it’s now my main gaming kbd, with custom mappings & RGB profiles for each game I spend time on.

Today I’ve just dropped money on a Drop ALT with the /dev/tty keycaps and Cherry MX Browns (USD250). I’m also watching the Glimy DSA 2077 keycaps - I think they’ll make a great option too! So the habit is growing and growing …

My workmate has the Keyboardio Model 01 on his desk, but hasn’t taken the time to learn to use it. A couple of weeks ago he got a Kinesis Gaming split kbd instead. I think I will need to see if I can get my hands on the Model 01 for a while … :slight_smile:


In this case I have to recommend that you try a low-profile mechanical keyboard!
Also, if you are going for orthonormal layout, I highly recommend getting a split keyboard — non split orthos like the Planck make your wrists lie at a weird angle, that can lead to injuries.


Greetings and welcome!

A fellow user nudged into the mechanical keeb world by an untenably bad input device - mine wasn’t from work but I had a pretty similar experience getting into things here. I’m still thankful for that thing, because it ultimately led me not only to much better keyboards, but a hobby and community that I enjoy, as well.

Glad to have you on board, no pun intended.

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