Introducing myself a little late

Hey there folks! you may have seen me around in some threads and an IC or two before, but I always enjoy a chance to exposit about myself, and finally got around to writing a proper Keebtalk introduction.

I’ve had quite a few boards by this point, many confirmed mechmarket trades under my reddit alias [u/jalapeno_organs](

It all started with a 2018 Razer huntsman fullsize, with razer greens, a monstrosity of a board I wont bother showing here, as one could imagine, I quickly deserted it in favor of well, anything else,
I found this amazing old white alps board, a vintage NTC I believe, and stripped it for parts as it only had 2key rollover and built a gergo with it,

I loved that gergo, and converted it through a couple more iterations before moving towards more layers of fr4 rather than less, with a plaid for a brief stint, then bought a custom milled aluminum prime_e with carbon fiber plate from some guy in singapore of mechmarket, built it up with lubed fei matcha switches, wow that thing was a dream to type on, bottom out was too harsh for me and 70g springs turned out to be too heavy for me, I built my dad a tada68 and outfitted it with all yellow KBDfans dyesubs because he loves yellow, (also gateron yellows)

I wanted some room to breathe after the prime_e so I rebuilt a cherry g-80 1800 with a TKC-180 PCB and went plateless with the vintage MX blacks I stripped out of the board it came with, lubed and filmed them and loved that board to death, in the end, the old cherry case was its downfall, as sitting loose in a crappy plastic case really muted the board a little too much for my liking, and it took up a lot of space :confused:

Finally we arrive at the end of the journey, for now, I’ve landed with a wooden CA66 clone from u/alpsoldman on reddit, a polish fellow producing just66 bluetooth PCB’s and cases out of zebrano wood, despite some warping, the steel plate and backpanel fit just fine, and with some rubber bumpons for evenness, and some silicon o-rings between the plate and the case for noise isolation, along with vintage cherry housings and lubed gateron yellow milky stems, and vintage cherry housings lubed with permatex dialectric grease. this board is an absolute wonder, connected to my PC by a custom retro cable in blue from Zap Cables!! and my mx veritcal on the side there <3

thats basically all there has been to my keyboard journey so far,
I’m working on a bunch of secret keyboard projects right now trying to feel out what I want to create in this space, as you can see by my post history I already have some ideas, but stay tuned! and thanks for reading <3


Nice collection

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