Introducing the keeblade!

Hi there!

I’m still confused about how you use this site so hopefully im not posting in the wrong section… But here is something i made recently. Some peeps on reddit suggested i make a bladed keyboard with a sword handle and the name “keeblade” came up pretty fast. So i just did what people told me and stole all the credit. So here it is !

If you’d like to stay up to date with my work and thingies you can follow me on instagram @qlavier !


That’s awesome! :smiley:

That is some mall ninja shit but I love it.

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Nothing not to love. Still pining for an aluminium zlant though.

Maybe an aluminium keeblade now.

Does it work? …And please take my money!

I really thought this was a back scratcher (and a shitpost) until I read more carefully. Interesting! If you use a full size keyboard you’d look like Cloud from FF7…

Works like a c h a m p

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Looks more like a keeb saw but I love it!