Introducing the WhiteFox Eclipse from Alpaca Keyboards

Hi Keebtalk,

We want to introduce the WhiteFox Eclipse, an update to the iconic 65% WhiteFox mechanical keyboard. This keyboard has been redesigned from the ground up with an all new feature set. We’d love to hear your feedback on the Eclipse!

You can join our waitlist / interest-check here: WhiteFox Eclipse Waitlist. We are still deciding on our launch partners and the community members on the waitlist will get an early launch notification to participate in a special one time pricing of the Eclipse. We are looking to price it between $125-$150 during the group buy / launch phase, with an MSRP of $180 after the initial production run. The pricing above is still subject to change.

One of our key innovations is our magnetic gasket architecture used in the WhiteFox Eclipse. This custom design enables gaskets to be used in a floating keyboard chassis. Additionally, you can now reassemble the case and the plate in fraction of the time it would take in a traditional mechanical keyboard, resulting in a hot-swappable keyboard case. These new magnetic gaskets also allow serious DIYers to roll their own gaskets to change the feel of the keyboard.

Following are the specifications and features of the WhiteFox Eclipse:

  1. Gasket Mounted floating design mechanical keyboard
  2. Double Gasket design - edge gasket and magnetic gaskets
  3. Unifying white color for the case, keycaps, plate, stabilizers, PCBa, foam, and magnetic feet
  4. Bluetooth 5.0 and Wired functionality
  5. Cherry profile PBT keycaps with additional accent and OS keys
  6. We’ve standardized the keycap layout on the WhiteFox Eclipse. Our new 68% layout fits any base keycap set on the market and requires no non-standard sized keycaps
  7. RGB LEDs with underglow. Two indicator LEDs are left of the arrow keys
  8. Hotswap Mechanical Switches
  9. Configurable using VIA or QMK
  10. Firmware and keycaps for both MAC and Windows. Firmware will also work on Linux
  11. Noise dampening foam
  12. Flex plate and PCBa - We’ve included relief cuts in the QWERTY cluster for a uniquely comfortable typing experience

Thank you for your consideration. Please let us know your thoughts or questions here.

Team Alpaca Keyboards

P.S. Here is a video we’ve created for the WhiteFox Eclipse: Introducing the WhiteFox Eclipse: The Ultimate Creation Tool for Everyone - YouTube

P.P.S. We’ve also put some images of the keyboard here:


Only today I was wondering why so few manufacturers do this. The render looks wonderful.


Thank you. Please check out our video here: Introducing the WhiteFox Eclipse: The Ultimate Creation Tool for Everyone - YouTube. Most of this video is shot with a prototype that’s 95% finished in the aesthetics.


Well to be fair most of what would be considered “non standard” keycap sizes are standard in higher end keycap sets nowadays. I think most designers assume that most people buying a keyboard that costs over say $250 is most likely gonna be getting a QMK, CRP, ePBT, etc set for it. & not gonna be trying to fit a lower quality standard 108 set on it. Although for something like this I think it is a good move. I just wish they would’ve went hi profile on the top case, I don’t think it would’ve pushed the price past $200 here & been a really nice touch for the new Whitefox.

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Looks clean