Hey. I’m Kabu. I’m generally shy on the Internet. I like keyboards.

My favorite part of custom keyboards is the personal nature of it. The idea of being able to curate every detail of an object until it appeals uniquely to one’s eyes, ears, & hands feels exceedingly rewarding to pursue.

I like linear and light-tactile switches. I like light springs, 40-55g. I appreciate many keyboard sounds and layouts. I like keyboards made of metal, and keyboards that play with different metals. I like sophisticated lines and detail. I like artisans.

Carefully planning projects down to the stem of the switch, the wire of the stabilizer, the case screw is a soothing and meditative-adjacent experience.

I would like to make friends, and hope to involve myself in the community more often. Thank you for listening.


Welcome to the community! What keyboards do you own now and wish to own in the future :slight_smile:

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Welcome Kabumomi!

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Thank you for the welcome! My current builds are an ikki68 Aurora in navy, and a purple/brass Kei. My ikki has Black Inks and ePBT Black Japanese. My Kei has Hades switches, and Xiami Purple Japanese. Both have 50g springs. Not fully satisfied with them yet, but working on it.

I’m very excited to build a couple (Iron165 r2, No°1 rev2), and to receive a couple (Iron160, Moment). Have many plans for them.


Hello and welcome! How are you liking the Inks and Hades switches so far?

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Thank you for the welcome! I really like the sound of the Inks, and am loving the feel of the Hades. I liked them even more with their stock spring, but there was a bit of crunching in my batch.

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