Invokeys Matcha Latte Switch Review

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Here we are at week three in a row of full length articles to kick off the new year. While there are plenty of matcha switches out there already, I’m sure you’ve probably been wondering how these new matcha latte switches stack up to them. So, this week I bring an introduction to a relatively new manufacturer by the name of Aflion and their latest (and greatest?) switch - Invokeys Matcha Lattes.

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Big thank you to all of you who read me out through the end of the last year and to those of you who have jumped on in the past week or so. While it will be a hard ante to up, I think this will be the best year of switch reviews yet. Plus there will just be more switches anyways, even without all the writing, which is always a great time. :heart:


P.S. I lost power for a short stretch of time this morning which is why I am late to upload today…


Seems they are nice switches. Hopefully they come back in stock in the near future. As always, thank you for keeping us informed of all things switchy.


If I recall correctly from our conversation, I think they are restocking sometime this week or perhaps in the next few days.


They got the colours right for a Matrix board with clear caps.

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They have some in stock now but only unlubed. Was hoping to get some lubed so that I could see if they meet the “use stock” standard that I’m more interested in lately… because I’m lazy.


A few of the lubed variety were back in stock today. Should be here in a week or so, and I’ll let you know what I think :slight_smile:

These are great, guys. Very nice bottoming out. I put these side by side with KTT strawberry and Gazzew LTs for comparison, both smooth, long pole switches that are known for having stable housings that do not require films (all good candidates for terrific stock switches).

Matcha (factory lubed) vs KTT Strawberry:

  • Matcha has deeper sound and fuller feeling bottom out. Deeper sound on return also.
  • KTT Strawberry has less wobble. Matcha wobble is decent but on par with many of the newer switches out there. Stand-out stability is one of the hallmark features of the strawberry, so I’m not surprised it wins here.
  • Both switches are very smooth, but the Strawberry wins here as well.

Matcha vs Gazzew LT:

  • Matcha is smoother
  • Matcha has a more solid bottom out and better sound
  • Similar wobble, perhaps more wobble on Matcha
  • I was shocked how much better the Matcha felt when compared side by side to the LT switch. In a direct comparison of slow presses, the LT reveal a lot of extra ticks and bumps that are not present in the Matcha at all.

I really wish the Matcha had less wobble. It would be a 10/10 switch that I could say does everything better. I still say it’s a great linear switch with the feel and sound you’ll love if you enjoy extended pole stems. It’s a sound and feel that I’ve personally come to like a lot. Some of my favorite switches in the past year have fallen into this category. I’ll definitely be adding the Matcha switch from Invokeys to my list of good switches.

This switch definitely would have gone under the radar for me if it wasn’t for @ThereminGoat , so thank you for your post. Keep up the good reviews!

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