Iris Ergodox and Efficient Silencing Techniques

I’m on the hunt for a split ergo that I could completely silence so I can program over my summer internship in pure quiet. The Iris Ergodox from caught my eye: does anyone have one? Also, can you recommend ways to silence? Clipping stabs and such wouldn’t have an impact due to the fact that there are no stabs, so would my only option be soft landing pads/o-rings and apt lubricant? If it helps, I’d probably want tactiles in the board. I thought about spring-swapping zilents for something a little lighter (45g?) but wasn’t too sure how that’d feel. Thanks!

I think the best option to silence the board would simply be lubing the switches well. This would greatly reduce impact noise and spring ping. I would do this before any kind of soft landing pad or o-rings as those have a negative impact on typing (imo) in return for quietness.

Lubricants and silenced switches are your best bet! Also, I’m not sure that Zilents will even work properly with such a light spring - their high tactility can mean that they might not return properly. While they have gotten a bad rap, I personally don’t mind Aliaz all that much. Another option is also the Outemu silent linear/tactiles, as I’ve heard those are really nice.

One potential method of reducing even more noise is adding an isolation pad beneath the board itself, such as shelf liner or cork. That would transmit less vibration into your work surface. You could also potentially pack the inside with foam as well.

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legit this.

basically make sure u have a mid layer and pack it and then put rubber/cork on the bottom


I think that the majority of my problem has to do with the bottoming out in an aluminum case just being incredibly clicky. That’s been the majority of my problem acoustically speaking. I added foam from MKUltra and that made it sound way better, but not much quieter.

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