Iris Rev. 3 Keyboard PCBs


Finally! Rev 3 available with USB-C and pre-soldered components. Can’t wait to finish my Iris build!

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Time for @notG10 to do his Iris build too hehe

I just made Kelly do so much work!

Also I need the speaker header for maximum meme

I always felt like a price-efficient hacker when ordering each component of’s keyboard kits separately and assembling them myself. Now the price of a kit is $60, from like $20 for the older PCB kit, which feels so much more expensive. I don’t have to buy Pro Micro, LEDs, diodes, and resistors now, which explains the higher cost, but now I can’t feel like a price-efficient hacker.

The team deserves whatever price they choose for their boards because I think they have a much better product and website than many others on the market. I am just saying that I think there will be room in the market for another Iris-like PCB which let’s feel like that price-efficient hacker. I’ll have to look at the other Iris-likes to see which offers that same experience.

Even on this giant of split keyboards there isn’t one quite like it:


I heard Danny on a podcast say that he’s trying to make builds easier for people. Personally, I think the new board is worth every penny if you like the layout. It took two tries for me get my iris right which put me in the same price as a pre-soldered board LOL. Afterwards, I ended up selling the board because it felt too cramp for my hands.

Most people are probably new like me, and soldering on the pro micro is the part that can have a large margin for error. Now just soldering switches is much easier to desolder if you make a mistake, and more importantly easy to know what when wrong (cold joint) if one of the keys is not working.

Like you said, I’m sure there are plenty of people with more soldering expertise thats willing to pocket the 40 dollar difference but I would guess there are more new people that are willing to pay the difference. Just my 2 cents.