Iron 180 vs mode 80

Hi Everyone,

So I’m in the market for a tkl.

I’ve come to find that I’m trying to decide between the iron 180 and the mode 80.

Both have a Alu back plate and look stunning in their own regards. So I guess if you were able to only get one would you get and why?

The really nice thing about the mode is it will be a fcfs but in stock. After it will be an unlimited gb. I’m happy to wait for the iron since I do love the look.

*I understand this comes down to preference so it’s going to be interesting to hear the differing perspectives.


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which keyboard is the mode 80? do you have a link to its IC or GB page?
And also why not something like the rama U80?

Here’s the link to the mode 80:

I don’t really like how the Rama that much so that’s a pass.

out of the two, I prefer the Iron 180. I prefer the bezel design/dimensions. Though I think they’re pretty close and it’s all gonna come down to your preferences.

The Mode 80 will be much easier to get. Iron 180 will be difficult as well, but I hear they are going to be quite a bit more this round, but that doesn’t mean they will have enough.

I hadn’t seen the mode80. Love the angles and thought in it.

I’m kinda glad the iron180 took off that badge, looks cleaner. I thought I liked the 65 they made, but I liked it less and less the more i looked at it.

If it were me I’d go with try for iron180. Something about that 2 tone back that just adds that premo feel. Those are purely aesthetic opinions tho. I’d have to study their builds more to offer more in-depth opinions. Maybe others can speak to that.

Both are solid choices tho! You gotta let us know what you pick.

Will do :slight_smile: You know you can still get in the GB right? If you want they are doing a run of 450 boards in stock!

Try to get the 180 and if you strike out, get the 80. Pretty simple choice. :wink:


Thanks Skepp I think this is the play. Hopefully, the 180 gb will be before the mode fcfs happens.

I think the Iron 180 will be much harder to get because it is limited qty. But overall both looks good, and both will definitely will feel and sound good! Yeah, can aim for iron180 first, if it doesnt work out there is Mode80 which will be unlimited gb :slight_smile:

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