Is it KeebTalk or Keebtalk?


The title, about page and other places say “KeebTalk” (capital K and T) but the logo is “Keebtalk” (just capital K)… :thinking:

What’s up with that?


At some point after those initial docs were written, we decided “Keebtalk,” but just kind of for no particular reason. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’ll try to update where I see inconsistencies.


One place I’ve spotted is on the mobile loading page.




its WeebTalk




It’s Keb-Talk. The #1 podcast in Daytona Beach for people with anomic aphasia and a love for Kebab. Today on Keb-Talk. Is it ok to throw skewers at the waitress if she doesn’t refill your Mr. Pibb fast enough?

Seriously though. Any chance of getting the name changed to something that uses actual words?


Asking the important questions.


It’s demik, not Demik.