Is it pointless to add QMX silencing clips to Gateron Silent switches?

I read somewhere–and it wasn’t fully elaborated–that adding these QMX clips to silent switches actually make them louder. Is this true? I don’t mind o-rings with Gateron silents because the Gateron stem is a full 4.0 mm, whereas the Cherry silents are shorter, and it ruins key travel. I have yet to try Elite Keyboards’ landing pads, but I just am fascinated with the sound–or lack thereof–of silenced switches, and I am trying to exacerbate this condition any way I can.

To be fair, I don’t mind a soft bottom out, but I don’t like noise and reduced key-travel, if that helps. Anyone have any direct experiece with this?

Personally I think that if you want a silent, full-travel switch, the best tactic would be to lube those gat silents and enjoy the auditory pleasure. To be fair I can’t stand the travel reduction of an o-ring nor the qmx clips (in fact I have a whole unused box, except for one piece, to offload when I can). Cherry silent or Kailh box switches are at the limit of travel reduction that I can bear.

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But will adding QMX clips to unadorned Gateron silents reduce noise? Or do nothing? Or, as someone put it, make them actually louder?

I apologize; I know my comment didn’t directly answer your question. Unfortunately I’ve never tried this combo. I would be more concerned if the keys would feel a bit sticky having two soft materials resting on each other.

I have cherry silents, which are slightly different so this may not be entirely applicable, but- I generally find that the bottom out sound with qmx clips is lower-pitched and softer compared to the bottom out sound with o-rings.

QMX clips barely have reduced travel, unlike O rings.

Another potentially desirable effect of QMX clips is the cushion. Depending on your preferences, this might be really good.

I had QMX clips and I really enjoyed them.

I placed QMX sliencing clips on Cherry mx slient reds (modded) and hated it. I also tried on zilents and didn’t like those either. In both cases, the reduced travel and softer bottom out was just too much. That was with 62 gram springs. I expect that it would have been even worse on stock mx silents. I’m not sure what the spring weight is on the gateron silents, but I think if you just lubed them, then they’ll be ok. I use either slient/zilent switches OR QMX / Zeal clips. But not both together.

Cool. This is the answer I was looking for, thank you. From a lot of videos, it seemed like QMX clips were thinner than o-rings, yet still provided that cushion that I like.