Is Keyboardbelle OK?

Does anyone know if Keyboardbelle is ok? She posted in February that she was very ill and hasn’t commented or posted to social media since then.



If you get a chance, it would be best to email or message her directly. When working with her I’ve always found her to be superb, but never hurts to check how busy she is if you are planning on an order and need an ETA.

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Damn, I hope she’s alright! Never really interacted with her, but from what I’ve heard she’s is an awesome person. @keyboardbelle if you see this, we all hope you’re feeling better!


She appears to have retweeted an update in mid-april. Not much activity though. Hope everything is OK.


I would like to know how she is doing too! I know some people couldn’t get in touch with her for some time. Hope she is OK, she is a big part of the community and a nicest person, her shipping is like a present from a friend to me =)


I’ve gotten a response from her just now regarding a case printing question I had, so I presume she’s ok.