Is Tai-Hao Dolch Red a good set for €50 (incl. shipping)?

Hi, all, I’m looking for a red-themed set that won’t kill my wallet, and I came across the Tai-Hao Dolch Red doubleshot ABS set from either CandyKeys or KeyPop, and in both cases, the total price incl. taxes and duties ends up being roughly €50 for me. Is it a good set for the money? I am somewhat worried about its longevity because it is made of ABS and not PBT. Thanks for any reply.

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I used a Tai Hao ABS set for a while, and it was used by the person I brought it from too, and I didn’t notice any significant wear or shining. I’ll always say that they’re great sets for the price, the only downside is I don’t like a lot of their colour combinations.

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I got their regular Dolch doubleshot ABS ALPS set & think it’s a pretty decent set for the money. That said 50 Euro does sound a bit high for the pricing, they are just thin double shot caps. Are you buying just a regular 104/108 key set or extra kits/keys? I got my 104 key set for $35 with free shipping from

I’m buying just the regular set. Me being in the EU means I pay 20% VAT and a few more in the customs process. I often don’t get free shipping either. Stuff is expensive here.

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Maybe this will be cheaper for you? That said I have a particular hatred for the nasty greenish color they use on that set.

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Yeah I wasn’t thinking about that. I’ve had quite a few other enthusiasts from the EU tell me everything is a bit more expensive for them. Taking the VAT & customs into account the price isn’t as bad as I was thinking. Like I said before I personally think Tai-Hao’s doubleshot ABS caps are good quality for what they are. So as long as your cool with the pricing I would say go for it! :metal:

@bbfeets Oh cool, I somehow missed this offering when searching, maybe because it says green instead of Dolch. This is awesome, thank you very much! Also, I do appreciate some people don’t care for the colour, but I was smitten the moment I saw it especially because it is so weird.

Thanks to @Dan and @Rob27shred too for providing their experience; I’m going in!

I recently acquired a Tai Hao set (Blue Dolch) and I love it, but I will note that one of the stems on the keys was formed improperly, and it was noticeable as a tactile bump (this was on Outemu Reds). Using a small file fixed the issue.

In terms of appearance, there are some minor inconsistencies but overall it’s a great set.