Is the Alice worth it?

I am relatively new to the community and have not had the chance to try an Alice board yet, and I wanted to see if anyone who has might have some opinions on the board itself.

Rev 3 is out and I figure this is the best time to learn about the board and if I should grab one while I wait for the maker of the Ogre to start his GB.

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I suppose it must be, considering the number of open ICs/GBs for Alice cases and PCBs and amount of drama going on with them right now.

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Drama? There’s juicy Alice drama I haven’t heard of yet? Do tell.

Bunch of drama in this GH thread that I barely understand.

did you mean: all keyboard drama

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Honestly the only keyboard drama I understand is the T1/Fake Zealios drama and the ALF drama, but that’s getting off-topic :joy:

Honestly I am totally fine getting my own custom cut one, as I have a particular color in mind for an acrylic case. Just did not know if someone had any opinions for/against the board.

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For sure, sorry to derail

“Is the Alice worth it?”

Based on your title and post, I think I should help differentiate 2 things.

The Alice is a wonderful keyboard by Yuktsi that has a very popular ergonomic layout right now. This is an aluminum custom with a brass plate and is the first board to feature the “Alice Layout”.

The “Alice Layout”, has now greatly grown in popularity due to the designer Yuktsi making files for an acrylic version of the Alice available online for free. This has allowed many designers to take this design and make their own cases featuring this layout that is growing in popularity.

To summise;

Yes the TGR Alice is a keyboard that is worth it to enthusiasts although it is difficult to find.

But also,

Yes, the Alice layout is a fun ergonomic layout that is pretty easy to adjust to despite how it looks. I would definitely recommend trying it out since an acrylic sandwich mounted Alice layout board and PCB can be had for not too much.


I was uninformed, this helps a lot! I think I will jump into the Rev 3 buy then and try it out. I am dying to get more involved with the community and diving headfirst into the more interesting boards.

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I swear you’re just here for the drama haha

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The one dude was going to run a group buy for the exact same thing as the other guy at the same time. He could have just like waited two weeks and the buy period wouldn’t have overlapped, and due to the demand for these boards they both probably would have had plenty of orders


All drama hounding aside, I do want an Alice board one day.


I ended up joining the homerowco buy for two, clear and red (jamon???), my girlfriend or one of my buddies will probably end up with whichever one I like less

i really really love mine

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I’m interested in Alice-clones but acrylic is not my favorite case material so I’m gonna suppress my urge by ogling pictures of OTD boards I never got a chance to get.

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