Is there a 60%-PCB with a 1u directly left of the spacebar?


I am wondering if there is a a 60%-PCB with a 1u directly left of the spacebar?
There are several with a 1u on the left side of the spacebar, but between two larger keys, and not directly adjacent to the spacebar.

Does anyone know a PCB with that option?

If you are into Alps the Steezy PCB supports 4 1u keys to the left of the spacebar:

Thanks for the tip! I’m not into Alps (yet), but that may change in the future.

But I just found out that the DZ60 supports a 1u left of the spacebar, even if it’s not officially mentioned.

is there any specific layout or feature that you’re looking for?

I have PCB like this:

though it’s a 1.25u key (not 1u key) directly adjacent to left side of the spacebar.

compatible with standard 60% traymount case, I also have compatible FR4 plate for it.

Thanks for the offer, but I already have several PCBs that allow (amongst others) the layouts you showed me.

I wish to have two dead keys left and right of the spacebar, and they are 1u.

I’ll post the result as soon as the build is finished.