Is this fictional keyboard with funky legends based on a real keyboard?

ac0864x68nf91.png (1920×1080) (

This is from the show RWBY Ice Queendom Episode 5. It’s only on screen for 2 seconds. The nightmare hunter character has some stylish equipment, but it gets cut off. If the keycaps are indeed based on a real keyboard, then it would be possible to guesstimate what the rest of them look like. I wonder if huke, the famous character designer of Black Rock Shooter, made this. There’s probably concept art of it that will never be released.

It looks like an NEC PC-8801 keyboard with PET/Commodore symbol legends.


Ah that Commodore board is frickin’ cool. Good idea for decaling my own 40% legends if I get around to…building the 40%.

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What a fascinating board. I love it. The arrow cluster is a nightmare, but you could use the numpad for arrows in a modern build.

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That is a beautiful keyboard. I love the lettering on the keycaps, very interesting


Thank you. I would mark this as solved if I could.

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