Is this project worth a while? (cherry G80-3000)

Hello guys,
I have stumbled upon a case with dissoldered switches and I was wondering if it is worth buying it and giving it a second life. It’s available localy on sth like craigslist. It’s a cherry G80-3000. No switches but the stock keycaps come with it. Could you guys share your thoughts on this project and provide me with some information about this keyboard.

Also are you able to tell if the PCB is working just from these photos?


Can you request that the vendor verify the pcb is in fact working? That would be my biggest concern. Aside from that, it sounds like a fun project!

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Well i guess i can try to do that but I’ll do it later as right now it’s the middle of the night here where I live haha. That’s so typical to search for projects on cragis in the night right :rofl:

Judging by the serial number (it starts with a “C”

and the information I’ve found I can say its from the 90s. Am I right?

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Yep, I second checking with the seller if the PCB is fully functional. And if they say they don’t know, assume it doesn’t work. Also, these are common boards, especially in the vintage keyboard world, so if you really wanted one, there’s probably a deal out there.

It’s from 2008 and has cheap lasered keycaps. So not doubleshot keycaps. If you can get it for $20 it might be worth it as a fun project, but don’t except any resell value more than the value of the switches

Alright. I wasn’t really looking for any vintage keeb but i stumbled upon it while searching for switches on the local market. Imma see whether the pcb is working and then I’ll think if i want to start such project :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks a lot for the info! I’ll see wheter I should cop and then I’ll try bargaining

If the seller can confirm the PCB is working & the price isn’t outrageous I’d say it’s worth grabbing. Like was said before it isn’t an OG Cherry board, but that would only be a let down if you were specifically searching for vint blacks & OG doubleshots/dyesubs TBH. IME these boards make for a very nice typing experience & actually sound pretty decent with tuned switches, stabs, & a piece of shelf liner under the PCB to wedge it better between the case halves. Here is a pic of a very similar project I did awhile back.

It was a modern G80 that came with silent blacks. I swapped the springs & stems to make them a light normal linear, lubed & filmed the switches, replaced the stabs with Durock V1s, & put a piece of shelf liner under the PCB. Turned out great!


Here’s what the Deskthority wiki says about it: Cherry G80-3000 - Deskthority wiki

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Aftermarket PCBs exist as well depending on how deep you want to get into the project


Thanks for the link. Altough if the pcb doesn’t work I won’t be commiting to this project :slight_smile:

Wait, does this keyboard not come with a plate?

That’s right, the G80 is a plateless keyboard. IMO that’s one of its strengths though, most ABS plastic cases use a steel plate that make them sound awful.

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Alright gotchu. Just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

Offhand, I wouldn’t think it’s worthwhile. The PCB’s desoldering doesn’t look the cleanest and the most valuable component would’ve been the switches that are no longer available. If you’re keen on the retro look, a kit like NCR 80 would be a better option

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Oh ok. I’ve made my mind up and I’m not going to take up this project. The guy is asking way too much for the keeb and also thanks a lot for the recommendation! I’ll defo have a look at it. Cheers!

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