ISO Kira and Whitefox?

Hi! The market is flooded with ANSI keyboards. ISO layouts are scarce. Some prime mechs like Kira and WHITEFOX are not offered in ISO layouts. The guys from the ANSI community argue that europeans are bad customers of mechanical keyboards and do not worth the investment. So, this is a survey to know how many of you would be really interested in say a KIRA or whitefox board in your native ISO layouts. Please share your comments!

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I’m working on a 60% board and i was wondering for the ISO layouts, does it change much for the UK version and say the German or French variants?

Well I’m more focused on the Portuguese layout. GB and PT layouts (Qwerty) in a 60% will be less variable than French (Azerty) but the main issue besides hand movement mechanization is the specific characters from each country.

I’d definitely be interested in an ISO Kira!

The physical layout is the same. As far as legends go, the UK is a minimal change compared to ANSI with only 3 or 4 keys being different. German and Nordic have a lot more different keys, with the extra letters in these languages and a big part of the top row being different.

I have a gen 1 whitefox as my main board at home. When it came time to get another keyboard for work, another Whitefox was at the top of my list. But sadly, that ISO layout was never seen again after that first run. It’s a nice design, and I would definitely be down for getting another one should the ISO version make a comeback. The Kira is somewhat interesting as well, but a bit clunky for my needs.

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