ISO Layouts. Thirteen of them!

Hi there!
Just want to share with you’all ISO folks that during these next six days a group buy is going on at DROP, for a blue,gold’n’gray keycap set. FR, IT, SP, PT, CH, UK, BE, NORDE, etc are all present. I have no personal interest in such drop, but being an ‘aficionado’ and ISO user, I know how these can be hard to come by, especially for the less common Roman-Languages. Do your due diligence before embarking folks!


Thanks for posting!! Did not see it, and as an european keyboard user is a no brainer.

Registered only to thank you.


You’re very welcome.

Will it be gmk? How is it going to be called?

Tai Hao I believe, if I’m not mistaken the profile is similar to cherry but there is a slight difference in size.

I don’t see a profile listed, and as the old saying goes, if it’s not listed it’s OEM profile. Tai hao only does OEM and their cubic profile as far as I know, and the pics don’t look like cubic. Their pbt OEM sets are fine, I had a Miami set like four years ago when Miami was like the coolest colorway, and I definitely enjoyed it. Iirc the OEM caps are quite a bit taller that cherry.


I refuse to buy from said company for years now, for a bunch of reasons. And even if I wanted to, without even looking at the page I can bet that the PT layout is the PT-PT layout, not the PT-BR I care about.

I just hope that these guys don’t do that horrible scoop + bar thing on the same keycap. And if it’s not cherry, it’s quite unusable form me.

I don’t understand how hard can it be to give people what they want. Do we like cherry profile? Yes. And what do they give us? A new oscure and horrible profile with bars and scoops and dots.

Maybe I missed something, what do you have against Tai Hao? or is it massdrop that you have issue wtih?

You are right, I wasn’t clear on my comment. I have nothing against Tai-Hao.

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