Issues With RK61 Stabilizers

Hey everyone, Pop here. I am having a ticking issue with my lubed stabilizers on my RK61. They are stock stabilizers, lubed, wired balanced, with a piece of medical tape on the PCB where the bottom part of the stabilizer rests for a softer bottom out. I am still having a ticking problem with my left shift and enter key. Any solutions?

Ticking is probably the hardest thing to address with stabs. What kind of switches are in the board - full travel ones? Can you tell if the tick is closer to the beginning or end of travel?

Generally I’d suggest more of whatever lube you’re using around the wire; depending on how much clearance there is something like the Holee or Espi mod, or wrapping the wires with a bit of thread tape might help.

The switches are the RK Reds, and it seems to be closer to the beginning, right after.

Ok - I believe those are normal / full-travel switches. I ask because sometimes shorter-travel switches can be a culprit by encouraging teeter-totter, but that doesn’t sound like the issue here.

In that case, I think you’ve got traditional stab ticking on your hands. What are the wires lubed with?

Lately my go-to stab maintenance technique has been using a pipette syringe to apply a bit more of whatever lube is already on the wire to a couple specific places; on top of the wire where it goes into the stem, and pretty much all around it on the other side where it terminates. So far this has been great at eliminating tick for me.

I think the “needle” on mine is ~18-20ga; looks way too thick to use on skin or anything, but I’m not totally sure about the size. So far I have had better luck with the metal ends than the plastic ones; here’s an example kit that comes with a bunch of different sized pipette needles; you could experiment with what works best with your lube of choice:

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Best way is to get decent stabs, if you’re using RK61 I assum your stabs are plate mount?
You can get the Panda/Piano stabs. the white stem with the black housing by either Durock or Everglide, they’re great.