"It needs to be about 20% cooler."

Admit it… you have a favorite Pony, too. This is my Rainbow Dash inspired Corne build.

It’s built on Cherry v3 RGB PCBs (hotswap, backlighting/underglow) with Gateron Black switches.

The case is my own design. I wanted a high-profile case that still had a low overall height, and I think it accomplishes that well. I dig that the lines of the case really play up the shape of the PCB itself.

The tenting risers are probably my favorite bit, though. They really let the underglow shine and don’t interrupt the lines of the case. They also hold the case securely by interlocking with the rubber feet and exposed screw heads on the case bottom. It’s pretty trick.

Once I took the photo, I realized I had to go the extra mile and whip up the logo to match. Time well spent, imo.

===> Shameless Plug Warning <===
I pulled everything in this build from my store at DIYKeyboards.com.


Part of me wants to be upset but you did such an amazing job and even the my little keyboard logo got me to laugh


Awesome! I love it! :grinning:


Ha! Thank you.

This post has gotten some negative response on Reddit that I didn’t really expect. Not sure what’s driving that… it was just supposed to be silly fun. :man_shrugging:

oh damn, im sorry to hear that man

“It needs to be about 20% cooler.”

I get this reference! My daughter and I listened to this song over and over during the darkest days of the pandemic.

Btw, not sure if she’s your thing but GMK/SA Mitolet are great Starlight Glimmer themed keycaps.

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