It's Official: Nonprofit Status for Keebtalk

Hi everyone,

Manofinterests here aka the current Chairman of the Board of Keebtalk. Today the board and I have an exciting announcement!

Keebtalk is officially a nonprofit entity 501( c)(3)

Having Keebtalk founded as a nonprofit entity was one of the original pillars that we collectively decided must become a goal of Keebtalk and we are happy we have met that goal.

So what’s next?

As we continue to foster and grow Keebtalk, we would like to reach out to help support meetups around the world by helping increase their exposure, and possibly help with background logistics when possible.

We’ll have more announcements down the line, but I think this is an absolutely great one.

  • Huey aka Manofinterests


Do you anticipate providing a mechanism for contributions? Happy to throw a few bucks into the kitty to help keep the lights on…


goodluck keebtalk

You guys are awesome. Thanks for being awesome!

Sweet, good news indeed! :metal:


KMK Labs


Congrats Huey and to your awesome team! Looking forward to many years of keebness!! Cheers :beer:

Awesome accomplishment! I am really excited to see where this thing goes!

Woohoo! Congratulations, Keebtalk!

On that note, you guy’s should consider becoming verified Brave Publishers. Then any fans into cryptocurrency could set up their browsers to pay y’all single and subscription donations.