Its Ya boi PEXON


Hi everyone,

just wanted to say hi!

I’m James from PEXON PCs. I go by p3xon on reddit and pexon on GH, I’ve not had much time to have a look around on Keebtalk, but it looks great so far, great job Ryan and team :slight_smile:


Omg ur like turtully famoose. I love your cables but when are you expanding into the obscure Northern condiments market? Can you sign my haribo?


welcome cable guy!!!




Hey pexon! Post fish pics kthx


Can I take a selfie with you?

Mr. Pexon sent me candies last time I was buying cables.


@westfoxtrot heya dude! :smiley:

How about this munter that is older than me

@dario haha of course! :smiley:

@itsundone hey man!

@gouty papa gout I love you <3

@bloodLVST hey!


The man, the myth, the legend!


Hey Pexon, big fan, nice to see you here :slight_smile: <3