I've been using Kailh Low Profile Switches exclusively for a year


The ones that come from Kailh that NovelKeys carries are definitely not PBT. I don’t know for sure, but I think they are POM or Nylon on the bottom. The top is most likely ABS, but I’m not certain. The blanks are not the same construction, but have a very thin coat that might be paint.


I’ve pretty much only seen kailh low profile with 40% ortholinear boards/kits.

Are there any 60% kits that support these switches?


I think that’s great. Lots of people are interested in an upgrade over the chiclets. Would you please keep me informed about your progress on that? I’d like to write about it for Keychatter. DM me any time. :slight_smile:


The X-1 looks like a great board. I’m waiting for low-profile jades and navys to go into mass production for OEM boards to get one myself


How did you do the keycap cutting? I’ve been wating to do just that for a while, but have not found a reliable way to cut the caps.


You can actually mod the switch housing easily, that is to cut about 1,5 mm off the edge of the transparent part at the top side, and the ML caps fit perfectly. I like the pad printed ML caps better, the plum ortho ones are lasered legeds which is rough to the touch.


I’d love to be able to have an option to dye sub kailh low profile caps! I have a set in the making which will be produced by PMK, in DSA profile, but if you would want to cooperate in any way to make a set in this profile, I’m game!


I’m a huge DSA fan myself. This eventual profile is a bit of a pipe dream and is a bit out of scope for my time working here.


Wanted to thank @woodkeys for the plum cap idea, here’s a potato pic of my Helix with dyed plums, will take a better pic when I get my custom cable completed.


Are you using Kailh Blues or Reds?


Blues, really interested in trying reds though, I wonder if the low profile only works because of the click.