Jae Keebs - typing sounds

Hey folks - in addition to my streams, I’m building up a library of typing sound videos from my collection, and re-recording old videos with a better setup.

These will be slowly going online over the next few weeks as I get them sound balanced.

feedback and support appreciated :slight_smile:


much to quiet imo, and a snap or clap at the beginning is way more useful than the a loose switch click.

once turned up it sounds good though!

Thanks man - sadly due to genetics I can’t clikc my fingers - as you can see in the video they aren’t the most deft!!

I’ll have a play with the clap idea, but I do think if the volume is fixed the box Navy becomes a really good indicator. Weirdly YouTube has dropped the audio levels on the video compared to the recording - so I need to look at that for future videos.

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Latest addition - box navies with SA keycaps on KBD661

Another one - Kbdfns Tina C with Box Royals and GMK

Noxary 268AG with Zeal Zilents and GMK

Clueboard with 67g Zealios and GMK Keycaps

Kbd661 with 125g MX Black switches

Noxary X75 Proto - Lubed Outemu Sky

Two Aanzee typing sounds vids:

HHKB E6V2 with Zealios and Carbon Fibre plate

DC01 Proto

GH60 Box True Walnut case:

GH60 - 5 Degree - MX Zilents:

Sodaboard 77 - Outemu Ice Grey:

TaiChi Pad - Greetech Blacks

Siemens Nixdorf “Nixie” (Stock)

Canoe with Holy Pandas - Take 2