Johnny_teapot, checking in!

Hello! I have somehow just come across this site for the first time, and it seems appropriate that I sign up and post in order to further my (apparent) quest to expend all of my time and money on keyboards.

I’ve got a Tada68 as my daily driver at work (my coworkers quickly over-ruled my use of an IBM SSK), and most recently, a Retro60 for home. I use a Planck or Laplace when I’m traveling, and I’ve got about 15 other keyboards in various states of disrepair.
My pride and joy is an almost-complete [generic full-size “gaming” board with some variety of browns with] a set of misprinted dye-subs from PMK grab bags.

My original goal was to make something like the AlphaSmart or Freewrite, but I have been thoroughly distracted. It’s still on the back burner, though.

Ironically, I am typing this on my laptop.


I hear that. Most of the time I’m on this site, it’s with my phone, tap tap tapping on glass. Discourse works very well with mobile. It does make me feel bad though.

You could hypothetically plug your keyboard into your phone if you so desired.

Hypothetically , I could plug my keyboard into a refrigerator.

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Still more powerful then your computer.