Just saying Hi (trigger warning: Mac + ISO-DE)



Just saying Hi to you all, and thanks for setting this up as an alternative to MD/GeekHack!

I’m a Mac user who was raised on ISO-DE. With that setup, I’ve always felt pretty much alone in the mechanical keyboard community.

I hope to meet other keyboard enthusiasts who are part of the same minority! So I won’t feel like the tattooed vegan albino lesbian on a rural alt-right church bake sale anymore.

Looking forward to watching this community grow!


You are not alone.
I was raised with ISO-DE too. Currently I’ using a Mac as my private computer and Linux for work.
I use both ANSI and ISO, depending on what I am doing.

At least we are now two of that kind. Let’s see if there are more. But


inb4 beaned


I’m a Mac user myself. Topre is also my switch of choice, and Topre keyboards don’t always play well with Macs. So I’m used to being an oddball in the keyboard world too. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads-up about Topre!

I’d love to have some sort of macOS compatibility thread. @norbauer What category would be best for creating such a thread? I feel none of the existing categories are a perfect fit for that yet.


We now have a category for exactly that subject! :smiley: