JWK RARA Tactile switches arrived in the mail today

I can confirm that the JWK RARA switches are essentially T1 clones with a POM stem and the nylon housing is colored to look like a Holy Panda/Halo housing.

I opened an old T1 and one of the new JWK RARA switches. The tactile leaf and stem appear to be identical. The POM stem may be a little thinner and thicker in some places due to differences in the material itself, but the tactile bump and stem length are identical.

Tried taking pictures with my phone, but unless there is a hidden macro mode on the iPhone 11 I cannot get a good picture with the level of detail required.

I haven’t put them on a board yet, but first impression is that they are a pleasant, tactile switch.

They feel a little smoother out of the box than a normal, unlubed T1/clone.

They look really nice to boot (cream plus light blue is a very calming aesthetic).


How much did they retail for?

Around 63 cents a switch. If I recall Drop sold them in quantities of 110 for $70.

Do you know if they are factory-lubed?

I do not have a camera capable of getting close enough to the stem to tell for sure, but at first blush it looks like no, they are not lubed, which would make sense for a POM stem. Lube seems to work better on POM when they are broken in.

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