Kage (TKL) by Monokei & Hand Engineering


Oh man, this thing appears to check off all my checkboxes. Boring minimalist rectangle with optional WKL blockers, some interesting curves, rounded edges and nice color options. It may not be for everyone, but it is for me. I’ll have to think hard about this one.


Can’t decide between alum or pc. I would normally go for pc but I’m not sure I like the aesthetic of the logo showing through above the arrow cluster.

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Not to dissuade you from your purchase in any way, but to show you where my head is at right now as I’m trying to decide between the Kage and another beautiful board, the Vertex Studio Angle TKL. They are both very classy and right up my alley. I love the curves on the underside of the Kage and the front bevel on the face looks great. The leaf-spring plate (with scooped mounting points to allow for more movement), daughter board, and weight placement/design are my pros for the Angle (and that minimal touch of design flare with the imbedded moonstone :cold_sweat:).

I’m up for a new job right now. If it get it, maybe the answer is both, lol (ah, the mind of an addict).

But please, tell me why the Kage is THE choice for me. I would love to hear what else makes this board great.



That’s a tough one. I was really happy with my Haus board and I like supporting these collaborative efforts like the kage.

The angle :triangular_ruler: looks like a very nice board as well. Very clean design. Love the accent above the arrow cluster.

And to complicate matters, I’ve been following the Cloudline TKL development since day one. But that one will be a crap shoot to win a spot.

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Is it just me or does it seem like all nice TKL’s come out all at once :joy:

Not complaining, it is an embarrassment of riches I suppose.

I think all 3 are great boards, and I was impressed with Lightning’s stream of building the Cloudline. I’ve actually decided I’m going to wait until Lightning and Taeha get a chance to build a Kage proto before making a final decision.

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I think I’ll wait for the Kage streams as well. It’s good to know that you have faith in the Haus brand. The cloudline does look nice, but I’ve sworn off playing in stock roulette (I’d rather have a traditional raffle though I guess CannonKeys kind of implemented one).

man the only version i like is the pc, cause then you get to see the plate and design above the arrow keys…but rip wallet Q_Q

No inserts for the screws is something to bear in mind :grimacing:


Yeah, my interest has begun to wane. The price is too high for me, though I have no doubt that the price is likely due to complex machining for the curvature.

I don’t like that there is no daughterboard, so it will be a little more rigid in feel. And that is one of the things that I don’t like about my Kbd8x. I would want something with a little more flex.

And others elsewhere have pointed out that you would still be able to see the pcb and pinholes through the WKL blockers on the pc variant (and I would certainly only be interested in the WKL pc variant).

Both are extremely tiny gripes though, but may be enough to dissuade me from purchasing.

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Just in case this is helpful and you haven’t seen it. Lightning should be building his soon I’d imagine.


Ultimately I was not able to resist. I sprung for the SE Frosted White WKL. Added an extra aluminum plate and spare pcb.


Hell yeah! I think you made a great purchase.

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I can’t stop staring at the blush pink :eyes:
What color is everyone liking? I really don’t want to buy another TKL but this one is hard to pass up.

I think I’ll hop in for a Frost White PC. I like the logos appearing above the arrow keys and it will be easy to pair with any set. I also prefer the copper weight vs the brass and it pairs nicely with the Frost White PC.

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