Kailh Black with Long Stems

I have bought 120 5pin Kailh Blacks last year to swap MX poles with their long poles and I really liked how it turned out.

Now I was trying to buy a few more and I think the hype must have been big around it and, like it happens with everything in the hobby that generates hype, it seems like you can no longer find them anywhere.

I ran into a 3pin variant on this AliExpress switch below and would like to know if anyone knows if they have the long poles:


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I’m going to go out on a limb and say they do; the whole origin of “long-pole” switches to begin with was putting Kailh stems in other housings.

They revised the shape of the bottom of that pole at some point, with some folks preferring one or the other - but either one is long compared to most other manufacturer’s stock stems intended for 4mm travel. Just be sure to test one switch before making a batch, as they don’t fit with everything these days.


Thank you! I’ll give it a shot and post my findings here.

Be aware that the end of Kailh Black V2 stem pole is a cylinder shape. Edge of its chamfered tip is problematic for many switches, hitting chamfered wall before hitting bottom.


Oh crap, too late: just ordered them from AliExpress :slight_smile:

Would that be the case with Retooled and/or Hyperglide MX Blacks? Thank you.

I think MX Blacks should be compatible. It was other switches I had that issues although I can’t recall which atm.

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