Kailh BOX Jellyfish

Welp - it looks like all-clear switches are officially a fad:

So we’ve got Everglide (JWK), TTC, Gateron is working on one, IIRC Tecsee is doing one for a vendor, and now Kailh is on the bandwagon.

If this means we get easy-to-find switches with a more normal failure rate and performance like the (a-stock) Aqua Kings, well - that’s pretty cool.

It looks like the stem of this one isn’t actually polycarb, but HMWPA - or high molecular (weight) polyamide. (They forgot the “weight” in their description.) If I’m reading the patent docs right, HMWPA enjoys high strength and low deformation - but I’m definitely not a chemist.

As an aside, this new release further confirms my suspicion that Kailh has left-behind the square-shrouded BOX design in favor of the round one that also includes the tapered housing that originally debuted with the Archon Art BOX switches - that means they’ll play nice with GMK caps even when the LED side is North-facing. :+1:


These look interesting. The weighting is in the range that I find myself liking recently and it’s always good to see something other than a linear spring in stock switches. These tick a lot of boxes and I’d consider giving them a shot but at $0.85/ea for 70, I think these are going to be a tough sell.

That being said, I agree that these are hopefully a sign of things to come from the likes of Kailh.

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