Kailh Box Master V2's - More All-POM BOXes?

This silenced one is called the Fried Egg… fair enough.

These have probably been around for a while in the other hemisphere, but they’re new to me, and might tick the right boxes for some folks - no pun intended:

Only two days left on the buy - kinda flew under my radar, but hey there it is.

According to the product page all three switches on-offer here are all-POM, including the silenced eggy boi. So that one is like a Silent Box Pink, but with a more moderate weighting and an all-POM housing*. I put an asterisk on that because I’m not 100% convinced that’s accurate - but hey maybe it is and these are closer to silenced Box Creams.

There’s also a linear and a clicky using the traditional BOX housing and square-shrouded stem, also supposedly all-POM, and including a light-pipe lens insert for SMD lighting. Their clear housings are pretty smoky - maybe they’re POM after all;

This one is themed after adzuki bean pudding. :3

I think it’s neat that they’re offering these, especially the eggos, though they’re so close to other switches in my collection I think the only ones I’m chin-rubbing about are the White Owl clickies:


Silenced BOX Pink? Do you mean BOX Red?

BOX Pink is a clicky, and I’m not aware of any silenced BOX clickies reaching our shores yet.

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Kailh’s naming conventions are nonsensical if you ask me - but yes - “Silent Box Pinks” are about as unrelated to “Box Pinks” as they possibly could be; they’re linear silents:


Can’t blame them. People sometimes refer to Cherry MX Silent Red informally as Cherry MX Pink.

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It’s pretty funny how we all thought it was the square stem that gave the name to Kailh switches when it’s the dust&water resistant internals that make up the BOX. :upside_down_face:

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I can’t seem to find any pictures that show the clickbar on the White Owl clearly, I’m interested to see how the diffuser fits around the clickbar. Assuming it uses a clickbar. I did find these while looking for more info on the White Owl though:

Linear, factory lubed, 18mm spring, and also meant to show off RGB.

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