Kailh Box Mute Jade Switch Review

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With another few weeks seemingly haven flown by overnight, I’m back with another review taking a look at one of the more interesting releases this far into 2022 - the Kailh Box Mute Jades. Fitted with an entire new technology to interact with the clickbar like no other switch before it, I took a deep dive to see if these will quietly fade from consciousness or stand quiet and proud in the limelight for the foreseeable future…

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As always, big thank you to those of you who sit down to read these reviews each week. The continued support, like always, means the world to me as well as the editor-in-chief Gator Ron who makes his full time living doing this.

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I look forward to reading your full article… From my experience with them they might just end up in the trash can.

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These were definitely switches where I had what I wanted them to sound like, but they didn’t quite meet that expectation. Although they’re not entirely disappointing either, it is as you implied, a new direction for switches to go.

So, having read your full review, I have to say that I respectfully disagree with one or two points. I presume that based on what I read that you tested these switches in isolation, instead of in a build… I think that is the root cause of the differences between your review and my assessment of these switches.

First, the comments on the force curve. You seem to have accepted that the differences in force required for using this switch are not all that significant. Honestly I found them to be massively significant. 10-20g might not seem significant in isolation, but in regular usage it’s quite massive.

Secondly, I disagree somewhat with your assessment of the tactile event. The thing is testing these switches in isolation is deceptive. When they are put to real-world usage the qualities of a switch can change significantly. In this case the tactile event is greatly diminished I would consider them to be a very weak tactile switch at best.

Beyond those points of disagreement, excellent job on the review. ti’s obvious that you pay painstaking attention to the detail of your reviews, which is very appreciated. Personally, I really appreciated the detailed information and photograph(s) on the tear down of the switches. I haven’t gotten that far yet with them (although I am seriously considering a spring swap now after reading your review…).

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