Kailh Box Switch Stem Measurements and Possible Problems


Hi guys,
Has anyone encountered problems with the retooled BOX switches after an extended period of using / typing on them?


No issues here. I have had my carbon set on box pinks for quite a while


no issues, been using jades, pinks, whites, and royals on and off since they were retooled with all sorts of different materials and profiles. No issues to report.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.


Just wanted to chime in to say that I also haven’t had any issues with a GMK set on my box pinks. Still looking forward to getting a shaver just to be extra certain I don’t end up having issues down the road, but the problem seems to be resolved as best I can tell.


Ive had SP Mitolet on r2 box royals for probably 6 months now, and have seen no issues. The first few months I checked keycaps randomly a few times a week and have yet to see any damage.