Kailh Box Switch Stem Measurements and Possible Problems


yes. PBT is more elastic than ABS.


Yes, I understand that sentiment for sure. I have a lot of damage to my Nautilus, Dolch, and Hyperfuse sets. You could at least try putting a keycap that you know you won’t need on a switch and letting it sit a while.


Really sorry to hear about your nice sets… And thanks for being willing to test the retooled stems on your Aero set. If you don’t end up showing any stretching or damage within the next reasonable timeframe (whatever that might be!) I think we can safely assume that the risk posed to GMK sets by the retooled stems is minimal, or at least significantly lower than the original stems. GMK has been using the same molds for a very long time, so I wouldn’t think there would be any variation between sets.


To anyone who bought BOX switches through CandyKeys, they’re offering replacements free of charge. I bought my old BOX Navies from them back in March and wasn’t sure if they were willing to replace them, so I contacted them and asked - and they promptly told me they’ll happily replace them too. We won’t even have to send back the old switches.

Thanks for the heads-up - I contacted CandyKeys too about my order, and they are gladly replacing my BOX switches as well. Good thing I hadn’t soldered them onto my board yet.


No problem, glad I could help. :relaxed:


[IC] Stemshaver - a tool to fix BOX switches


So, after 3 full weeks of GMK Aero on box red switches, no caps were cracked or stressed. I took them off and carefully examined each and every one. On to experiment No.2

I’ve placed my Aero set on box pale blues. I’ll give it a week or two and report back. I did not hear any cracking when I installed the caps.


23 days after putting GMK Aero on retooled box pale blues:

No signs of stress marks and no cracks. I’m using a 65% board, so we don’t have a full 104 test. This process is tiresome, but at least the results have been positive so far.

Now I am trying Hako Clears (retooled). I’ll report back in a few weeks :slight_smile:


2 weeks on Hako Clear switches and no stress marks or cracks. Looks like a good report card for retooled box switches.

I also have a stem shaver prototype for old switches that I’m testing out. Seems to do the trick so far, but I’ll need more time to keep the caps on the old, shaved switches to see if they crack.


Have you been using the same GMK Aero on your retooled box pale blues as well as the retooled hako clears?


Yes. Not the most scientific test but I’ve been using the same GMK set for 3 sets of box switches now. Box red, box pale blue and Hako clear (all retooled). I’ll probably try with my Led Zep set on the next round.

The Aero set does still fit well on regular mx stems though. So, I do not believe it has been stretched out. In fact, I just put the Aero set on some mx clears and they are super tight as expected.