Kailh Box Switches - Dremel Stem Modification


I have too many box switches to just get rid of due to the thick stem issue. I know i could re-buy them all, but I don’t want to go through the hassle of selling my existing switches at a loss and re-buying them all. I’ve seen some ideas floating around on using a diamond file to file the nubs down, which is where I got the idea from.

I decided to take a dremel to the stems on my least favorite box switches (Burnt oranges) to see how it works and it seems to have worked. I was going to hand file them but thought that might take too long. The switches are much looser now.

Apologies for the potato video (forgot to set it to HD), but you will get the idea. NO guarantees this will resolve the issue, but I’m happy with the results. If I get enough requests i’ll re-do this video with a better camera and setup.

Kailh Box Switch Dremel Stem Modification


This is interesting - I’d be worried about dust getting in the caps, stabilisers etc tho and affecting usage. It would be a good mod to do to switches that are old stock but not used yet though :slight_smile:


You can remove the stem from the housing so that you can move the dremel freely and to prevent accidental scratch on your kb, oh by the way, there’s a dremel attachment called flexi shaft specifically designed for this kind of project, you might want to try it out.


Thanks! Never heard of a flexi shaft, that looks like an awesome tool for this specific situation.


Here’s the link on amazon, you can create a lot of small intricate things using this attachment.