Kailh burgundy stem in retooled Cherry black housing


Hey that’s cool! I like the burgundy stems, the bottom out feels and sounds crisper. I think it’s because the longer stem post bottoms out first.

When you clipped the stems, do they bottom out at the new bottom or do they bottom out on the other part of the stems? Could you post your findings?

I also am curious about where the Kailh stem bottoms out after clipping. Cherry linear stems bottom out on the stem rails, but Kailh stems are beveled there so I think they’ll have to bottom out somewhere else.

I’ll try to test it later

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As long as the jagged edge doesn’t interfere with the bottom housings, they should be consistent. I would love to do a full travel mod to my switches so I can use 1.5mm O-rings on them.

What housings are you using?

When I clipped the spring guide on a Kailh Pro purple stem, the travel distance didn’t change when I put it in an Outemu housing. I compared the clipped stem to an Outemu stem and found that the rear wall of the stem goes further down than on the Outemu stem. I also found that Outemu and Kailh Pro housings have a bump in the bottom housing that rises up to meet the rear wall of the stem prematurely, which, when combined, is what I think reduced the travel in Kailh Pro switches.

This also makes me wonder if using Kailh Pro stems in other housings that don’t have this housing bump would make Kailh Pro stems have full travel without any further modification.

I don’t think that the raised portion in the front of the slider affects the travel distance because it is about the same distance from the leaf compared to the other sliders. The rear, however, is changed more and the bottom housing in your picture don’t have the bump in the rear.

I think I just need to get Cherry or Gateron housings to get the most travel out of my Kailh Pro purple sliders. If the travel is still reduced, I would clip the spring guides next.

Personally I don’t really notice the reduced travel, it’s only 0.4mm which is 10% of the normal 4mm travel. Clipping seems like a lot of trouble to me unless you don’t like how they feel or sound as is