Kailh Choc Swicth

I wonder if what kind of stabilizer that Kailh Choc switch keycap use? or do these switches need stabilizer at all?
can anyone with experience with this switch help me? :thinking:

I feel the urge to make a thin keyboard and Kailh Choc switch immediately comes to mind but I have no experience with this switch :worried:

Thanks for reading.

Sadly, the answer is “it depends”. The double-shot keycaps that Kailh sells have standard plus-shaped receptacles for the stabilizers:

So standard stabilizers should work, as long as they are adjusted for height. Kailh also has some low-profile stabilizers that match them, which are mounted on the other side of the PCB, so you need room in your design.

The OEM keyboards use something that I consider incredibly cool: stabilizers built into the body of the switch:

Unfortunately I have no idea how you could acquire the modified switch body or the special caps that this uses.

You can always go homebrew like I did with my Flounder keyboard:


thank you!
I do plan to use choc keycap that Kailh sell, I think I will also buy their stabilizer.

btw, your homebrew stab isn’t bad :smiley:

Thanks. It does the job. I couldn’t use their stabilizers, because the goal was to be as flat as possible, and the back of the PCB was supposed to be empty.