Kailh Clicky Weights?

I’m thinking about building myself a TKC1800 with Kailh BOX clickies, but I’m not sure which switch I should be using. After I gave a spare Jade a good amount of lube on the click bar, I realized it sounded and felt great. But I’m also quite interested in the China Yellows. Does anyone have any, and any impressions of them? Or a lineup of all of the Kailh clickies, for that matter?

Whites feel too light for me. Jades just a tad too stiff (click bar slightly too restrictive at the top). Pinks are my preference, and they sound better. Lower pitched click for some reason.

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Here is a video I found on YouTube regarding the topic.


Looking at information on NovelKeys – the two China Style switches are “best guess” based off of Kailh’s graphs

Spring Thin Clickbar Medium Clickbar Thick Clickbar
Medium Box White Box Pink Box Jade
Box Glazed Green Box Noble Yellow
Heavy Box Pale Blue Box Navy
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Has there been any new info on this? I can’t seem to find anywhere how the China Style switches’ clickbar compares to pinks or thick clicks?

I’ve tried pinks, navies and jades before, got pinks in my daily driver and they are my favorite clicky switch.

Just got a switch tester with the China Style switches, because on paper it looks like I might like the noble yellow even better. I kinda wish the pink had a slightly thicker click, but not as thick as navies/jades.

In reality both the noble yellow and glazed green feel to me like they have a thinner clickbar than even pinks. They feel VERY close to whites in terms of the click. The click sound is a bit nicer than the pinks though, slightly lower in pitch.

TLDR; pinks are still my favorite clicky switch. I’ll be holding out for the Zeal clicky and the blackberry switch in hope of something even better.

Might go for the China Style switched if I ever decide to build a board with RGB, though - the transparent tops are a nice touch.


Also, the Noble yellow doesn’t seem to have the hole at the bottom the other BOX switches have. I only have the one switch so it might be a manufacturing defect, though:


They no longer have the bottom hole - it’s a change in the BOX switch design.

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