Kailh Cream Tactiles (AKA Blueberry replacement)

Novelkeys have announced Cream Tactile switches. I am guessing this is why Blueberries were end-of-lifed.

Like Blueberries they are on the heavier side 75g activation / 95g bottom out.

Presumably still stinky POM so the only question is what kind of tactile bump this thing has. I would also guess still pretty big given the heavyish spring weight.


I like the color - but it does puzzle me from a theming standpoint.

I totally get calling them “Creams” from a name-recognition standpoint, and it does look to be a product related to the original - but why slate grey?

Given the texture of the Cream line, I’d be inclined to call them “Slates” or even “Stones” - but I also would have called original Creams “Bones”, so hey.

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The gray and the blue creams both remind me of the recent GMK Mandalorian set they ran. Not sure if there is any connection though

Aso, I got some of those blue cream switches (launch edition) a few weeks ago. They are nice. Yes, just a cream switch, but they feel smoother than my old creams and the nolives I have in boards. Maybe it’s a better factory lube application? The stick slip seems gone. Still need lube and films for the sound I prefer, but they are smoother stock that I remembered.


Aight cool: More tactile switches! Swell!


I’ve said it before: Kailh needs to make a Cream-based light tactile.

Kailh BOX Cream already feels stock like worn-in pre-tooled MX Browns, so if a little bump was added, it would be like a smoothed MX Brown. BOX Cream spring weight is perfect.

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Agreed. Or a light-medium tactile ergo clear clone!

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A proper mid-travel, short/sharp bump right at actuation in a cream housing would just be delightful. That doesn’t sound like this switch though. Seems VERY rounded from the spec sheet

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I am late to the cream party and thinking about trying out one of the cream linear. What’s the consensus about cream these days? Are they still considered as a unique switch that is worth trying out? Also, from what I read about box cream, it seems like I should pick up the original over the box variant.

Yeah, Kailh often makes some oddball play when designing tactiles, instead of the most straightforward choice.

Novelkeys Creams were considered overpriced as a result of esp. aftermarket scalpers once the switch hit big because of Youtube streamers.

On its own, the Creams are “interesting.” They feel different from other linears, more ‘leathery,’ i.e. they have some kind of texture. So they are worth trying out.

People think that they don’t reach their full potential until at least 10,000 keystrokes, so there is a cottage industry of people putting Creams in machines to get a whole lot of actuations in order to smooth them out. Smoothed Creams are considered a luxury switch.

At least, this is my recollection. I bought some sample BOX Creams, and they were great. Hence my desire to see a BOX Cream light tactile.

EDIT: The BOX Cream uses a lighter spring than the regular Creams, IIRC. The BOX mechanism complicates things if you are into modding, so most people prefer the original Cream.

However, the spring weight of BOX Cream is closer to MX Brown, if that’s what you’re looking for. In addition, you can mix BOX Cream parts with Kailh BOX Silent Brown to make “Cookies and Cream,” a lighter BOX Silent Brown that maybe should have been the design in the first place. So the BOX Creams can be useful for BOX modding.


I know I was one of the few that liked Blueberry switches. I loved that double bump action you got. With the right spring and some lube these were one of my favorite tactile stems to build with.

Like others have stated the naming is off to me. It might confuse some less informed buyers at a glance and think they are just a heavier recolour.

The real question are the Cream Tactiles going to have that save double bump im looking for. If so I will try to see if they are a good replacement for blueberry switches.


Mike commented on Instagram and said they were a redesigned stem. He said it’s a “smoother bump” than blueberries.


I mean isn’t the inherent nature of a bump “not smooth” since it’s you know… a bump. :joy:

My guess is this means the tactile event is probably prolonged. Instead of two mini bumps, it might be one consistently steady bump? :thinking: could be interesting. Could also mean it’s not actually a blueberry “replacement” but an “upgrade” or however people want to phrase it


They have released the force curve and spec sheet. Looks like a re-color blueberry with a silent bottom out, like blueish white?


Color comparison with a Frog, Trash Panda, and KS-3 (with a different stem in it).