Kailh Speed Pinks Modding

By far my favorite non-box switch on the market. I understand that these are a slightly different version of the Speed Bronze switch, I just love pink.

I was curious if there was more you do to them. I remember reading there was a click bar on these switches and I want to ensure I do not take anything away from the switch. Can they be lubed? You using UHMWPE do anything here?

Thank you

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I would have to tear down a switch to be absolutely sure, but I think the stems have an special arm/leg that makes contact with the click bar and you couldn’t swap in a standard stem (including UHMWPE). As far as I know you can lube them however.


Have a Speed Pink in my switch drawer - yep, that’s the case. You can swap out the bar for a stiffer one, but that’s the only component mod aside from the spring you can do. Lube is certainly doable - a thick lube on the slider does make a difference, albeit a slight one.

So, the perfect switch? haha. Thank you