KAT Blanks Interest Check

Introducing KAT Blanks!

We’re happy to announce KAT Blank Keycaps, a cost effective way to try out the KAT profile. KAT Blank keycaps will feature the same color and compatibility as KAT Alpha. The group buy will start on June 19th and ends on July 3rd. The expected date for everything to be finished manufacturing is in September and fufillment in October. Credits to Avi on Discord for helping me kit it and getting in contact with Zfrontier for the set :slight_smile:



Regional Distributors


  • Price might differ in other regions


  • Group Buy: June 19th - July 3rd
  • Production: July - September
  • Fufillment: September - October

We’ve been assured that the Keyreative will be fixing the issues present in KAT Milkshake and has provided us with an extensive email addressing all issues that were brought up by the community. Since our set is blanks one of the main issues we would need to worry about is the caps lock being misaligned. In the lengthy email, they have assured us that this issue will be fixed in all future KAT sets including ours. This was due in part to factory closures and the factories needing to run extensively to keep up with the backlog from the pandemic.


If the price is right I’ll buy a set

EDIT: the price is right, I’ll buy a set

At this price point it might be fun to buy and dye and not be too sad if the dying comes out shitty

I’d also like a set in yellow, pink, red, or maybe a nice bright green :wink:

+1 on this IC and I too would love to see some other colors especially Gray, Dark Gray and Black :eyes:

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Seriously, a dark black would be awesome in KAT profile for so many keyboards!

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The beauty of white is that you can dye it :wink: It was definitely more popular a few years ago, probably because there werent nearly so many options for keycaps, and it is kind of a pain in the butt, but with white blanks you can make any color you want. Here’s a guide I found from deskthority, I had a friend that did something similar a few years ago with good results. https://deskthority.net/viewtopic.php?t=10672


Lmao I was literally just looking for something like this. I love you.

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Sorry i don’t do white keysets anymore.
I bought gateron milky whites and since then i found that it’s not worth it. :slight_smile:
But good luck on the gb.