KAT QC issues:

Disclaimer: love this set and I am typing on them right now. The issue is with Keycreative and QC and not the designer of the set. Sorry for the potato pics

Alignment Issues:

Unlike MT3, these are glaring and you don’t need rulers or Photoshop to see them.

Damaged Keycaps:





These keycaps have not been used, or even mounted. They should not have been shipped.

Other annoyances:

Swirl marks on the stepped Caps (another user has shown mis-aligned stepped Caps)


Random marks on the keycap.

I feel the rushed manufacturing has ruined this otherwise good colour way.

Lets see how Keycreative and Big Cat deal with the QC issues and issue replacements. Drop had issued MT3 replacement caps, and those were much smaller issue.


Is this the same manufacturer that makes KAM Wraith?

Biip already has made a statement today, couple minutes ago on his discord that all bad keycaps will be remade.


Yes! I’ve seen that and that looks encouraging.
The statement was made after I posted this

I just saw your post, and indeed I already made a post on GH and Discord:

They will also work on new molds tomorrow.

Yes it is.
Sadly it’s more a QC issue than anything.


I wonder how much this will affect other gbs that are either running or actually already ran, and are in production. Like Drifter, Atlantis, Explosion, etc.

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Its quite a shame that the QC was a mess because I find KAT to be a nice profile. The satin finish feels lovely and the caps have a nice thock to them.

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Kat Eternal is next inline. I wonder if the production was delayed this badly or if Eternal was already produced before any mold/alignment checks/changes were made the the process.

Eternal was suppose to ship June/July by last estimates but they’ve been in the dark so probably not produced yet.

Interesting. Hope everything gets sorted out. Saw someone posting a broken stem on one of the keys, don’t know if that has anything to do with QC, but hope that doesn’t become a problem as well.