Kbd dz65 (tofu 65) vs NK65V2

Hi keeb community :slightly_smiling_face:,

I have another question, I would appreciate your thoughts on.

I’ve grown to the point I do believe I want to invest and solder my own custom keeb. However, I’m still dabbling in what type of switch etc. I’m looking at some hotswap versions keebs first.

So my question is between the kbd dz65 (tofu 65) and Nk65v2 which one would you get?

I really want to invest in an alu case since that’s something I’d like to hear and get a feel of. I understand I can get a cheaper plastic case, but my thought is that I actually want to use it longer term to really nail down what I’d like before I spend more money on a more higher end custom.

For what it’s worth I also like how both cases work so that’s a plus on my end.


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Honestly with availability being the way it is, I would suggest going with whatever you can get easiest at retail price TBH. If both are available though, I’d probably go for the NK665v2 over a Tofu65 with the DZ65 HS PCB. I think the NK65v2 has a few nice upgrades over a regular tray mount build is why.


I abandoned the quest for an NK65. I’ll never get one. I picked up a Tofu instead and it’s super nice for the price range.

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I agree with @Rob27shred, just get anyone. Both keebs are good value! NK65 has this modified top mount so maybe it feels a little more bouncy in bottom out typing but should be fine even with a tofu65. :smiley:


Ended up getting the tofu 65. I don’t see the Nk65v2 coming in stock anytime soon. Good call.


Even when it does come back in stock this month, it will only be in stock for about 45 seconds.

haha this time round we have the milkshake edition - though a group buy but I think super value! :smiley:

Hope you enjoyed it bro! I received mine a few weeks ago…installed some NK creams (sounded too plasticky) then I swapped to Gat inks and I am super loving it! Now it has the nice rain drop typing sound I think it is because the bassy inks blended well and balanced out the metallic and very slight hollow sound of the board…

Did you get yours with the case foam? :smiley:

I think all editions of the NK65 (Alu, Entry and Milkshake) are fantastic values! I’m super into all of them. But it doesn’t mean anything to me if I can’t get one unfortunately. More power to Novel Keys. They are a great company!

haha agree! Those are kind of “If I have it then good for me” kind of keebs! The milkshake edition is definitely one interesting one, I may get one for my girlfriend hehe

The milkshake one is going to be entry edition. Nice value since it comes prebuilt. I’m still watching out for the alu version. I’m hoping my tofu will come in late next week. Going to put box jades in first. Yes I know you all love it. :joy: eventually I’ll put in gat inks, then maybe some zealios.


Oooh I think the milkshake is gonna be an alu version! Let’s see the details when it releases haha

if the milkshake version is Alu, that’d be pretty dope.

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I think it’s going to be the same material as the entry version.

oh man I thought it was Alu! hmmm I think probably won’t try this out then :stuck_out_tongue: