KBD67 Lite R3 Review. Also, I've reached 1K subs on YT. Thank you all for your support!

Hey y’all. I recently published my review of the KBD67 Lite R3. Not much has changed from R2 (just the colors), but thought I’d post it to get some feedback on the video. Make sure to watch the b-roll right after the build hyperlapse.

I’ve hit 1k subs in a couple of months! I really want to thank this community for all the support and help in getting me here! I will continue to keep putting out videos and hope to improve over time.

LINK TO REVIEW: KBD67 Lite R3 Review | Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard? | Gateron CJ & Epsilon Switches - YouTube


:+1: Great review!

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Thank you!

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